Each week, Kristen co-hosts “The Pollsters” podcast with Margie Omero, providing a bipartisan perspective on the polls driving the latest news in politics, tech, and pop culture. New episodes are released every Thursday afternoon on iTunes, Spotify, and more. Kristen and Margie provide an in-depth look at the ever changing world of polling and public opinion research, helping listeners make smarter judgments about what the polls really tell us about America’s views. Since 2015, Kristen and Margie have produced hundreds of episodes and have appeared on dozens of television and speaking appearances together as a bipartisan team.



Kristen is the host of “The Trendline with Kristen Soltis Anderson”, on SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S. Channel (124), airing every Saturday morning at 10 am eastern. Each week, Kristen dives into the big numbers behind the news and covers the long-term trends in tech, demographics, and culture that are reshaping America. Since the launch of the show in 2018, Kristen has featured Members of Congress, national columnists, prominent authors and academics on the program, discussing everything from the emerging Generation Z to the views of “Obama-Trump” voters and more. Guests have included Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R - TX), Rep Katie Hill (D - CA), and Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter.